whitney peckman: painter/sculptor

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120 E. Innes St
salisbury nc 28144


about my sculpture...

The substrate for most of my work is cucurbitaceae, hard shelled gourds. Working with carving tools and an apoxy clay (which cures by a chemical reaction), various woods, metals, and paint, I create slices of nature - vineyards, gardens, bouquets of flowers, and sometimes even abstract visions of botanics. But the genesis is always nature's intriguing gourds. Their shapes and sizes, wounds and peculiarities call to me as marble to the stone sculptor.  Each piece represents a moment in time of a living thing.

The use of gourds as an art medium is an ancient practice for folk artists.  However, it is a fairly new material for those who approach it from a fine art background.  My goal is always to push the envelope of gourds as an art medium while retaining the organic integrity of the material.  Integrating the imagery to the natural form is what keeps each  piece fresh and alive.  Nature herself is the spark of vision.  My goal is to bring that vision to fruition as art.


Some of my work is collaborative with ceramicist friends. the potter will give me a fired pot. I study the shape, the glaze, marks and lines - the hand of the potter, and use my apoxy clay to amplify what I see. There is no further firing of the piece because the apoxy clay cures chemically as hard as the fired ceramic, is carvable and paintable for a harmonious blend of techniques.


If you are interested in my work, I would be happy to speak with you about the details of commissioning a piece for your home or office.  Please feel free to ask for references.  

My contact information in on the contact page.   When I have work available, I do post it here on my site, but the vast majority of what I do is either on a commission basis or exhibited  at The Celebration of Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ, from January through March.


Please visit my blog for pictures and posts about my process, and many thanks for visiting my site.